Bike Services

Professional repair service and maintenance on all types of bikes.

Take advantage of the expertise of a team of certified mechanics. Great versatility in the services offered, everything is possible!
We specialize, amongst other things, in suspensions forks, hydraulic brake bleeding and wheel assembly.

Basic Tune-ups 40$
Derailleur adjustment 12$ to 18$
Miscellaneous Accessories Install 10$ to 20$
Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed (each) 30$
Bionix Update 30$
Wheel true 15$ to 25$
Wheel build 55$
Hub overhaul 15$ to 20$
Headset adjustment 20$
Headset installation 25$
Suspension fork service (dust shield not included) 90$
Rear shock service (gaskets not included) 35$
Hydraulic seatpost (gaskets not included) 35$

Ski Services

Professional repair service and maintenance on all models of skis.

We are always available to find a quick solution to your equipment problems guaranteeing your satisfaction.
We specialize in everything related to skiing, specifically, backcountry cross-country skiing, classic cross-country skiing, alpine touring and telemark.

Glide wax (cleaning + 3 layers) 25$
Grip Wax for the Day 5$
Glide Wax (1 layer) 15$
Tarring 35$
P-Tex 10$ to 20$
Epoxy & Repairs 20$
Base Cleaning 10$
Edge Sharpening Cross-Country 10$
Edge Sharpening Alpine Skis & Snowboard 35$
Cross-Country Skis 20$
Voilé 3 pin cable 30$
Alpine Touring & Traditional Skis Bindings 45$
Cross-Counry Skiing Bindings Transfert 25
Alpine Touring & Traditional Binding Transfer 50$
Ski poles adjustment and basket change 10$
Skin Trim 25$
Edged Skating 9$